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Dear Lo-

After seeing your designs and decorating talents demonstrated at a local home furnishing store, I was so pleased to learn that you also did floral arrangements. Your unique perspective on design, function, and aesthetics really contributed to making our wedding one that we will never forget. As a matter of fact, people are still talking about the creative upside down tulip floral arrangements!

Personally, I think your background experience and natural instincts in creative design helped to transform our ideas into a work of art. You really listened to what we had to say, and we felt very comfortable with you from the get-go. I don’t think we would have never been able to pull it off without your insight of what “looks right” and what functionally “works well.”

You really did a terrific job, and I always recommend you to anyone I know could use a helping creative hand in decorating, design, or flower arranging. You’re a one-stop shop for anyone needing a little nudge, which was why we made the right choice in choosing you for our wedding. Thanks so much for contributing to our wonderful day, and all the best in your future!

Giovana Berastain McGettrick

Dear Lo-

I wanted to write you and thank you for the beautiful job you did on the flowers at our wedding. The bouquets, centerpieces, and other fine details looked fabulous. Everyone was commenting on how great they looked- even my dad was asking “how did they get those tulips upside-down in the vase?” You know you did a great job, when even the men are noticing the details!

I also wanted to let you know that it was very comforting to know that we didn’t need to worry about you and your talents. You made us feel at ease with your extreme creativity, professionalism and punctuality. You truly are a master at your art of florals, and we will always be grateful for your beautiful contributions and up-beat attitude that made our day one we will never forget.

Thanks again for all that you have done. We look forward to having you do baby shower décor and floral designs in the future!

Giovana Berastain McGettrick

Lo Whipple works magic in staging homes! With just a pillow here, a colorful plate there, place settings and plants, she transforms dull and uninspiring into eye popping. Empty house? Call Lo to rent perfect furniture and then stage. Got 3 offers on a listing the 2nd week on market, due to her expertise. Don't list without Lo!

Sherry Kliegman, M.Ed., Key Home Realty

1200 Southwood

Dear Lo (and readers of your website)

Our family had a great experience working with Lo on our house staging. She was very friendly, clear and fast in her work! She could listen to what we needed and produce a beautiful space in an amazingly short time. Our house for sale went from empty and dull to lovely, put together and inviting in just a few days. She also worked well within the budget we requested.She was easy to get in touch with by phone or email. Our house received three offers within 25 days of being treated to the Lo touch. I'm very pleased and would recommend her highly!

Nina Jolly

Lo Whipple has been an invaluable asset to my Real Estate Business.
She stages my listed homes for sale; I give her service as a gift to my clients.
I tell them to get rid of the junk, clutter, etc. Lo comes in with her happy smile and wonderful spirit and make the home picture ready.
My clients love her! They thank me profusely for sending her and love the way their homes look when she’s done.
I couldn’t do what I do without Lo’s outstanding talent.

Carrie D. York, CRS, GREEN, Broker
Austin Real Pros, REALTORS

301 Westhaven Staging

You rock!

As someone who loves beauty and is organizationally challenged, I have been grateful many times for Lo's creative eye, her quick grasp of my style, and her stellar work ethic. As important as those are, however, I've been struck over and over again with how wonderful she is to work with: reliable, prompt, cheerful, and funny. She's never left my house without leaving it a happier place. I recommend her work and her wonderful self without reservation!

- Heather Kohout

Working with Lo was wonderful from start to finish. She is easy going, relaxed, and soooo creative. She also has the uncanny ability of being able to listen to ideas and then recreate them with flowers and decorations as if she could read your mind! Everything we talked about, Lo was able to bring to life for our wedding!

Love, Love, Love!

Lo came into my life many years ago when we both worked at Zanzibar downtown. I was drawn to her first because all of the customers would ask me... "Who did the windows???? They are amazing!" When I asked...they replied, Lo, of course! This was an everyday occurance. The longer I worked there, the more I saw her magic, as did everyone else. People would come into the store off the streets just because of her talent. What a gift. As time went by, she was chosen to do many projects with many people in many places. She never got anything but wild applause. A few years ago, I moved into a new house. I thought I did a pretty good job putting things in place, etc. She walked in and said...oh no no no...and quickly, effortlessly, began to move things from here to there until it looked like a house in a magazine. It's just what she does..perfectly. I have worked with Lo on several projects and am always amazed at what she does. There is no training that measures up to what she comes by naturally. She is truley the "Queen" of design. Intrust your wishes to her. She will be your genie and your wishes granted...and then some.

Leslie Valinoti
Austin Organizing Solutions

All you need is Lo Whipple to:

-- Rejuvenate a room with flowers, new touches of color and design
-- Turn a dull bedroom into a child's paradise with paintings to fit the child's interests
-- Cater dinners for intimate twosomes or for 100 guests
-- Plan a wedding from "Will you?" through the Reception
-- Pack a picnic lunch to die for
-- Prepare a meal for a shut-in friend

She has done all these and more for me. --Anita Howard. Writer-Editor

"I have used Lo Whipple to assist me in decorating two of my personal homes. It is nothing short of amazing what Lo can do, especially on a limited budget. She is not only incredibly creative, she is also very conscious of her client's money. And, because of her creativity and her experience, she is able to make suggestions to achieve the result within the budgetary constraints. As an example, not once but three times, Lo painted (yes, paint, as in artist - think Kenneth Brown, the decorator on HGTV) canvases so that the room would come together. Also, I like that she attempted to use what I had as opposed to purchasing new items. And, she is fantastic at using/placing items in a way that you never thought of. She is professional and a joy to work with. I think anyone would be pleased with her work and working with her."

Lynn S.

"I am a real estate broker and have used Lo Whipple to assist me in "staging" my listings. The houses always showed so much better when they were staged. And, because 82% of buyers start their searches on the internet, the houses that Lo staged for me looked so much better in the pictures on the internet. There is no doubt in my mind that the houses sold quicker and at a better price than if they had not been staged. I highly recommend Lo to any realtor or home seller."

Lynn Saarinen, Broker and owner, Gallery Real Estate

Lo did the flower arrangements for my wedding – centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and cake! The process was very smooth and since my trust in both her artistic ability and professionalism was 110% I did not have to micromanage that aspect of my wedding. What a relief! Lo was able to create exactly what I wanted even though I was not able to vocalize my vision, and EVERYONE commented on how imaginative and beautiful her flowers arrangements were. Thank you for making our day and our pictures truly spectacular!!

--Amy Gilliland


My wife hired Lo to paint a mural for a nursery in our home. The end result was above and beyond our expectations! Lo took my wife’s ideas and applied her own heart and soul to the project. She worked tirelessly and created a true work of art which is sure to become the envy of all parents. We absolutely LOVE our nursery and we’re thrilled that our baby will be surrounded by such beauty.

--Gustavo Valderrama

Lo has been a personal friend of mine since 1986. She has transformed my house into a home. I can always count on the most spectacular Christmas tree and decorations during the holidays (buying new ornaments every two years-she stays on our budget). She turns my sometimes bah humbug demeanor into the most joyous Christmas cheer. I have been known to spend hours sipping on egg nog while everyone was asleep and staring in joyous wonder at Oh Christmas Tree, the dancing lights reflecting against walls that she had painted for me. And the good tidings running through my veins, family and fellowship…Lo kicks it up a notch. She makes Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, middle class mother feel as rich as anyone on this earth.

She sees art where I see an old picture from my father’s estate of garage sale purchases gathering cob webs. Junk to me but it’s just perfect over the Cindy Crawford living room suite that she picked out for me. How does she create POP!!! Like that? She can put colors together that you wouldn’t dream of and the uniqueness of the presentation just makes you say WOW!!!

In 1986, she painted a mural of a Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex on my 3 and 1 year old boys’ bedroom wall. As she was putting on the last touches, placing the matching linens and comforter on the two twin beds. I knew then that my children were to have a better life than my own. Auntie Lo had done it once again.

She loves her work and it shows. She dives in to her projects whether it be a wedding, staging, redux, or catering and planning a wonderful party for friends. She stays strict to schedules and makes her deadlines. I have a deadline right now for new carpeting. She picks the colors in my life. I trust her completely to know what I will love even when I don’t have a clue. She will make it happen and I will be astounded by the result.

Don’t put off being astounded by Lo. It will inspire you to do so much more. AND….you’ll gain a friend.

Susie Brewer

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