Lo Whipple Design is a multi-faceted company using creative and technical solutions to achieve environments and themes that meet clients' visual, functional, and economic goals. Big job or small, Lo Whipple's creative and energetic business style will make your most creative challenges seem easy down to the smallest detail. Services include:

  • Interior Decorate / Refresh
  • Creative Consultation
  • Staging Design for Realtors
  • Floral Design
  • Visual Art
  • Organizing


Lo Whipple wears many hats because she has many talents. Studying art at Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania and photography at St. Edward's University in Austin, she has always been on a creative path. The early years involved working at an award- winning floral design studio where she learned a great deal about color, theme and placement. Lo worked for many years at Whole Foods as the Metro Floral Coordinator and the Austin Metro Marketing Director. She created a character named Lotanga, for which she was recognized in the Wall Street Journal for her efforts to influence children's health and nutrition decisions. Additionally, Lo illustrated a children's book name Gongoozler, and her floral department designs became a template for Whole Foods across the country. Lo started her design company in 2001 and has been working her artistic magic ever since.

With an wealth of experience, a strong business sense and a great client list, please consider Lo Whipple Design for your next event or creative project.

All you need is Lo Whipple to:

-- Rejuvenate a room with flowers, new touches of color and design
-- Turn a dull bedroom into a child's paradise with paintings to fit the child's interests
-- Cater dinners for intimate twosomes or for 100 guests
-- Plan a wedding from "Will you?" through the Reception
-- Pack a picnic lunch to die for
-- Prepare a meal for a shut-in friend

She has done all these and more for me. -- Anita Howard, Writer-Editor

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